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What would I be Doing


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As I sit here looking at updates the thought occured to me that if I HAD my Shelby I would not be here right now.


I beleive as folks get there cars we will see less of them on these pages. I know for myself, if mine was here I would not be on this sit now.


I would be out contributing to the "profit of the oil companies" and burning gas.


To be frank I would not care where I was going as long as I was driving my Shelby.


It could become the first time I years where I just up and say to the wife"No, Don't bother to run for that Milk, Bread, etc. I will do it for you.' Heck i might even start dumping milk out just so I can run the errans.


Well, now that my day dream is over I will go back to reading about new exhaust, Twin screw Supers and the rest.


I only hope that when I finally get my Car they are still selling Premium Gas.


Maybe we should start trying to figure out how to get performance out of the lower octane fuels. We may need that info sooner than any of us think.


Well, for those of you whith your cars , ENJOY.

I will be thinking of you and wishing it were me.

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