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new member saying hello

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hi everyone, new member here. i don't have a Shelby but my brother (aka iTurbo) owns Shelby Lancer #127 that i drive pretty often. he also has an '86 Omni GLH Turbo and two '91 Spirit R/Ts (one red, one white). he used to have Shelby Lancer #371 but unfortunately it had so much rust it turned into a parts car :(


anyway, i drive a '91 Dodge Spirit R/T. the previous owner painted it Viper blue. total amateur job. i definitely plan on painting it white again and looking stock. thankfully it's 100% rust free with no body damage and a CLEAN interior with "only" 115,000 miles. i bought it for $800 last September and have spent the winter fixing it (new stock turbo, head gasket and a bunch of other little things). on the bright side i found a set of forged JE pistons after i pulled the head off :) the TIII engine and Lotus head had been rebuilt in 2006 so it's fresh. i also used to own an '89 Lebaron GTS with a factory Turbo-II/A555. i loved that car but had to sell it due to lack of parking space.


anyway, i'm currently trying to sell my supercharged '98 Buick Regal GS and hope to replace it with an '87 CSX or possibly a white Lancer Shelby or a Daytona Turbo Z. i'd get a Shelby Lancer but i just don't like bright red cars and besides my brother already has one. i used to be really into GMs but the past few years i've become pro Turbo Dodge/Shelby (thanks in large part to my brother haha). my last project car was a '91 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme sedan that i swapped a Turbo Grand Prix 3.1L Intercooled Turbo V6 into along with a Getrag 282 5-speed. made killer torque even with ~250,000 miles and never having been rebuilt ever (dyno'd 230whp/337 ft/lbs) BUT i could never get the tuning right and the gearing was really steep resulting in no traction until 3rd gear even with new 245/50s at 12psi. it also had a small Garrett T25 to make matters worse. instant spool and torque peak was @ 3200 RPM....then it ran out of breath at 5000 RPM. it was quite a sleeper but for a daily driver it sucked.


been working alot on my R/T lately but really would like to build a stout 2.5L SOHC CB for my next TD.


anyways, just thought i'd drop in to say hi



Joshua Mitchell

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Welcome!! But....where's the pics??





that's how it looked when i bought it. i already replaced the front bumper.


my old Lebaron GTS:



Turbo Cutty on the dyno in October 2006:






my current Regal GS. i lowered it with SSC springs and KYB AGX adjustable struts. it's basically stock besides a JMB fenderwell intake:


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