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CSM07XL0078 wins dyno shootout at WDC car show

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The funny thing - I didn't think 550HP would do well at this tuner shop. I figured there'd be lots of cars with more power. I wasn't even going to go, but they do the dyno for $50, which is much less than the usual $150-200. If you win - you get your $50 back plus $100. I came and they immediately threw me in the Dyno line - lots of curiosity. A crowd gathered - must have been 50 people watching my run. I was in all my glory. Then there was the wait for this 07 Z06 with a Paxton supercharger. He had signed up saying he had 800HP. The listings on the board tell the tale. Hopefully I'll get a couple videos up. One of my pull - and one of Pat Goss of Goss' Garage fame. He's a local celebrity around DC - you may have seen him on PBS Motorweek show.


Here's the link of the event...I won the 10th annual "Curry Clash" just by showing up.






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