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Lost Power steering

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So I got my coolant leak problem fixed three weeks ago and all was well. Then about a week ago after a hard acceleration(near redline) from 1st to 2nd to 3rd, I come to a red light into a turning lane and through the turn I lose all power steering. It lasts for about 30 seconds and then comes back? Then today, the same thing happens but it lasts longer for about a two minutes. I was pulling into my developement and into my driveway with no power steering. I have to make about three or four manuevers to be able to pull into my garage and was really struggling. Then just as I line it up to pull in, the steering comes back? There's no leaks or puddles in the garage and the power steering resevior is at the full mark. The belt seems tight. Any ideas? Its only happened twice and both times after a hard acceleration.

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