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Ralph is one year old today !!!


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Whoa...I agree, it's your anniversary not Ralph's birthday. PM MM and he can give you Ralph's actual birthday. he let me know that Stripes was born on March 9, 2007 at AAI. I'm still waiting on the registry to know his date of "corrective" surgery. ;)

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Happy Anniversary Sue & Happy Birthday Ralph.


Wow, Ralph is with you a year!

And what a year it has been!

How many trophies did you win all together?

I think you might be the Queen of the Hill in that department.


And heres to many more years of joy with your guy Ralph,, :banvictory::cheerleader::party:


(oh yeah and Auto too!)

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Well Happy Birthday to Ralph! Congrats to sdear!


I finally found someone else who knows their Shelby is a BOY :) Mine sure is!



Exactly Msmap !!! Good to see you !


Actually poor Ralph didn't even make it out of the garage today. The places I had to go today involved parking lots that are a no no for Ralph !


Ralph won 3 trophies this year ! I think I am going to give him a break (and me ) for a bit haha. The car shows actually slow down now here..as it starts getting too hot. I do some evening meets...but no big shows all day in the sun.


It sure has been an action packed year. I would have never guessed a year ago that I would have went to Vegas for CS's bday bash ! What a year :happy feet:

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Happy anniversary Sue & Ralph!!!!!!!!! Sounds like it's been an exciting, funfilled year and 9,000 miles.

Congrats and many more :happy feet:


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