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DORA Expert Needed

Alloy Dave

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Ok, so when I changed colors a month ago, I was supposed to get a new DORA. My sales person said "I can't find it". :rant: Well, he called me a week later and said he found it...his wife "hid" it from him. :doh:


Anyway, there are a few minor differences in this DORA, and I was wondering their significance if any.

1) The VIN used to be VHT88S 7, and now is VHT88S 75...they added one digit...does this mean anything..such as maybe it's getting closer to being scheduled?


2) There is a line that says "07 PLT-5" that was not on the DORA previously...any ideas?


3) Price level used to be 710, now it's 715. My price has not changed....still MSRP...but wonder what this means.


4) The previous DORA did not have pricing...this one does. Nothing notable there.


5) There is a comment at the bottom "Ship Thru Mazda port Woodhvn, 22400 Vreeland Road...etc." Is this the AAI plant? or is this the plant where the stripes are put on?


Still no VIN...trying to be patient.




P.S. My favorite item on the car is the L59 option. (Gas guzzler tax - mandatory option). :fan:

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