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So can you get Nav and the Shaker1000 now?


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These are really two different things. A better way to term it is a Navigation system with the capabilities of the Shaker 1000. I will say though as someone that has had both I don't miss the 1000. Here's why. I play my iPod or MP3 CDs and for these the 1000 was way overkill. In fact the base on MP3's made for constant bass tuning. The inherent quality of MP3s and most ripped music means the deep base and such of a 1000 is wasted and grossly under utilized. If on the other hand you are playing actual CD's then you for sure will hear, and feel, a difference. ;) In the end I can say that I don't miss the 1000 but when I am in my other car I DO miss the Navigation.

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