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Shelby / Mustang Owners Day Lime Rock Track

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Are there Owners Days at any tracks in the northeast, where you can actually get some track time? I'm talking "Showroom Stock", with no mods.


Hi BigBlock... do soe searches here and the web on SVTOA Track Days and you'll find a lot of activities.


There was one this past weekend in Texas ...more on that even covered at SVTCobra owners Club. here. There's another coming up in May at Virigina International Raceway in May with links to sponsoring sites, etc.


Also, scroll down and check the left-hand sidebar (<--) and you'll see several other events in various planning stages. Tulsa in one of the grandaddy Ford events (show, drags and Hallett roadcourse) but may be sold-our or nearly so already.


Welcome to the site and Good Luck!!!



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