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FS BMR adjustable upper control arm and bracket


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My slightly used (1,000 hiway miles) BMR adjustable upper control arm and bracket are on eBay (item #260224308047).

Bidding starts at $129 and there is a Buy It Now optionat $189. If a TS member wants it, you have Buy It Now for $20 bucks less than the stated BIN price. You must use PayPal.


Pay For It using Buy It Now and I'll simply PayPal $20 back to you.


Rather than answer numerous posts about why and where, etc let me give you the Clif's Notes version of why it's for sale.

It works fine, but I was looking for something a little more compliant and am using a J&M. For anyone that's looking for a deal (MUCH cheaper than the $300 they are new), here ya go.





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