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Hello all!


I am brand new to the site, and have a quick question, as I just picked up my 2008 Shelby GT500 2 days ago.


In the trunk area, the rt side (passenger side), as the wall liner wraps around the side toward the back of the vehicle and tucks (or should) itself behind the plastic panel (rear of car), mine is a good 1-1/2 inches SHORT, and is just touching the inside of the plastic piece (which purpose is to hold this area together). The left side is perfect, but there seems to be a design flaw on the right side. I noticed it because the piece was already in flapped-out mode (and does come out very easily, as there is barely an 1/8 of an inch contact to keep it from flapping out). Inside this inner wall piece is a white insulated liner, just as another observation.


Can you do me a HUGE favor and check both sides of your trunk wall liner to see if you have the same issue I have? And, please, please advise what I should do outside of letting my salesman know of this. Again, it's a preformed fabric that's bolted in at specific points, and that's why I feel that it's a design defect, and not an installation issue. I'm really surprised that this was not caught during Quality review. I am going to request that it is replaced.


Please help...thanks!

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I posted a reply here ...it seems like it was censored out...

GOSH....feels like soviet union and not America any more.

i will try to post it again:


welcome to the forum...great source of info could be found here.


It may be helpful to post photos here is the link to how to:




My first post errored out as well. Hopefully issues will be addressed soon.

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