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Raced buddies ford-GT today


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Hi guys I raced my friends GT today. It is a bad a@@ car that I only wish I could drop the cash to buy. He totaled his first one and he had to pay close to 200k for his new one. He has exhaust, intake, and tune. We raced 3 times from about 60 to 165. The first race he jumped me through some cars and I felt it was about even once I got going it is hard to make up that little jump of speed. These cars are fast as you guys no. The 2nd time was from about 55 mph and a dead heat at the end but I could not get my car into 5th around 145. This is a big problem for me in my car. (IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM) The third time we had wide open freeway and we both started dead even from about 75mph. Third gear for me and my sweet spot HE HE. I pulled him by about 2 cars and the last I looked my speedo was burried way past 160. Lets just say he is doing a pulley tomorrow. I will not be able to beat him with his pulley for sure. I no what it did for my car and I can only imagine what it will do for that car. Which is alot lighter. I need to get the lower balancer from evolution for even more boost to have a chance. I also need to get my heads off of this thing to make some real power. I am just waiting for something to go wrong with this thing so my wife doesn't kill me before I tear into my motor. I cant get this car to miss a beat even with my read line at 7000. Trust me guys I am trying and i have 16000 plus now. These motors are strong.

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