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Edmunds piece on Shelby GT


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jetsolver: Thank you so much for the informative link!


I'm still a little hung up on the pricing though - 35K is what is mentioned.


The highest MSRP on a "preminium" GT mustang is $26,455 (W/O options).


My understanding is Shelby starts w/a base GT mustang.


Add on:(From Ford Racing)


Power upgrade = $889


X-pipe = $139


Handling Package = $1,149


Wheels = 299 x 4 = $1,200 (deduct for current wheels!)


Drag Pack = $1,479 (only minor parts needed from this pack!)



All totaled up = $4856


Realistically, subtract 1000 - 2000 for un-needed parts or swap out.


Being ultra conservative, the mods are worth 4K + installation ($1,000?)


So $5,000 is a good estimate of the cost (cheap stripes/badging excluded)


Thus, about 25K for the donor stang + 5K mods = 30K


That makes an (extra) 5K profit for Ford or Shelby?!


Again, as others have said on the boards... 32K would seem much more reasonable for everyone (both sides of the equation) involved.


A GT500 lists for $40,960 and one gets so, so much more in the line of all new brakes, totally different S/C engine & tranny, etc!


35 versus 41(plus guzzler - I know) 6 grand more for all those upgrades/differences - I'd say that's a better deal!


Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY glad they are going to build the Shelby GT!


I love the lighter weight and handling! Drove the GT-H and liked everything about it except the somewhat rough ride and the inadequate brakes and OF COURSE THE SLUSHBOX TRANS!


Only 2 colors too?!


I'll come down off my soap now!




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That makes an (extra) 5K profit for Ford or Shelby?!


A GT500 lists for $40,960 and one gets so, so much more in the line of all new brakes, totally different S/C engine & tranny, etc!


You answered your own question. I'll go out on a limb and say the price will be in the region of 32.5k. Don't forget to add in the big cost of a complete new rear axle(like on the GT-H, and that may change if they can get the sub assembly with the differant gears) and of course shipping to L.V. As well nobody can convince me that S.A. is ready to become any kind of volume manufacturer, cheaper than one of the worlds biggest corperations. And keep the quality high enough to be OEM. Not without high labour costs. Still it does come uncomfortably close to name gouging doesn't it? :idea: And it makes me wonder if they are using this car to determine a price point for a BOSS, by using what is essentially a throwaway for Ford. If it sells well, glory for all, if not, it cost Ford nothing in terms of development, or testing. :closedeyes: I also wonder if it will even count against legislative requirements(CAFE, and emissions) Another essentially free bonus for Ford if not. Looks like very oppertunistic marketing, with a little styling thrown in(I cannot believe how much better a S-197 looks when the right height is proper :wub: ). Why the H can't they get this right on an assembly line car? Bumps at Flat Rock? :poke: And now off to the dealers where they can choose to throw over another few thousand customers if they so wish....... :lurk:

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