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Requesting your help in Iraq

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Sharon/Robert, can we make this particular forum a sticky for all to see?


To all TS members, let's do what we can to help this cause. Perhaps we could put the word out to all car show partisipants through networking to start collection drives at our individual car shows and events that are just about to start across the country.


Southern California Fabilious Ford's Forever partisipants, let's see what we can do for our troops. Please put the word out that supplies are needed and give out the mailing address too.

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who is the main person to get ahold of to send the notebooks and other stuff to. Thanks God bless you all. Thank you Mark. I have sent some of the post to my son inlaws Mom ar work. She works out at the Hanford area in Richland washington. That is where they built the Atom Bomb. Lots of military freindly employees that work out there. She said she new a lot of people that would collect pencils & note books and what ever to send. It would be awesome if we could get a photo of Charles Harris and the work that he is doing there in Iraq. We are ALL praying that some day soon you will all be able to come home safely. To all the Marines out there SEMPER-FI ALWAYS FAITHFUL TO THE CORP AND COUNTRY. I WAS A MARINE ALSO.I WAS IN THE CORP FROM 73 TO 75 THEN WENT INTO THE NATIONAL GUARD FOR 3 YEARS. My two older brothers where also in the marines and served in the Vietnam war one was a foward Observer and the other a machine gunner.They where in 4 years each. They where also in Nam at the same time. Anyway God bless you all.

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who is the main person to get ahold of to send the notebooks and other stuff to. Thanks God bless you all.




Looks like this guy...




Regardless of how you feel about the war, if want to do your part to help win the War in Iraq and/or bring the troops home sooner, then mail these supplies to:


Charles Harris


TF Ramadi

FPO AE 09396


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Can someone send me a list of items...I will push it on the Shelbyfest website as well as try to rally folks at Shelbyfest....







a list here it is




Kid Backpacks

Boys shoes (sandals) – They have a room full of girls shoes




Soccer balls

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I posted this update in another thread, but I also wanted to include it in this one as well.


Just an update for those that contributed to this effort. I met with Lt Col Harris yesterday. He returned from Iraq in September.


Lt Col Harris told me they received enough supplies to fill 2 Humvees. Many of you didn't identify yourselves when you sent supplies to Iraq, but you know who you are.


Thank you.


He asked me to pass on an email he sent while he was still in Iraq.

Hello from Ar Ramadi, Iraq!


Last Sunday marked my last mission with the Ramadi Provincial

Reconstruction Team for this deployment. I should be back in the U.S.

by the end of September. For my last mission, I had the opportunity to

deliver the school supplies, kid's shoes and soccer balls many of you

have generously donated over the last several months. We visited three

adult women's literacy programs hosted in the evenings at local primary

schools. The literacy programs are Coalition sponsored (by Lt Grant -

cc'd above) but entirely Iraqi run. Each school had three full

classrooms with women of all ages and their children. The scene was

amazing; anywhere from 30 to 45 women and children in a classroom with

no air conditioning and still well over 100 degrees, yet they seemed

incredibly eager to learn and quite proud of their accomplishments. The

classes cover basic reading, writing and math skills. Each class we

visited was full of faces of people who clearly wanted to change their

lives for the better. My favorite moment was when a lady in her late

50s or 60s volunteered to write an assigned sentence on the blackboard.

She marched up to the board, very deliberately wrote a sentence in

Arabic, the instructor nodded in approval and she went back to her desk,

head held high, to the applause from her classmates. So these are the

type of people your generosity has gone to support. They are incredibly

proud, sensitive, and eager to get beyond the past. They are also

greatly appreciative of the gifts you have given.


If you would like to continue to send care packages, please address them

to Lt Emily Grant of the Civil Affairs Group. They will be supporting

these missions through February 2009. School supplies, kids shoes,

coats (in the Fall) and sewing supplies (fabric, thread etc - the

programs include sewing classes)... of course soccer balls are always a

big hit.


Lt Grant

2/11 Civil Affairs

Det 2 HQ Unit 40451

FPO AP 96426-0451


Thank you for all your support, in particular, I would like to thank the

following groups:

- Kempsville Church of Christ, Virginia Beach, VA

- John Knox Presbyterian Church, Normandy Park, WA

- The "Indian Princesses" Young Women's Group of Cary, NC

- Scott and Margaret McDonald, Redmond, WA

- Mark Mitchell, Virginia Beach, VA

- Brian Hewitt, SeaTac, WA


Thanks again!




Lt Col Charles "Ty" Harris

Task Force Ramadi

Embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team Governance/Economic

Redevelopment Cell Camp Ramadi, Iraq











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Just a thought and i wish the troops will be back home safe and sound....


If those or most of those kid's parents are still alive...they will be the ones to buy them more than what was listed on some of the posts here. It is thoughtful to get them those items...but it is more thoughtful to end the war and spare the lives of the troops and Iraqi's families...we need to see the forest and not zoom on one tree.




Am for it and i will chip in if needed...

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In this part of Iraq (al Anbar), Al Qaeda terrorized and killed a lot of local Iraqis. AQI terrorized many that were initially helping fight the Americans. Their brutality, turned the population against Al Qaeda in this part of Iraq.


The vast majority of Anbaris are very appreciative that we helped them get rid of these thugs and murderers.


I don't want to turn this into a political thread, but I was there, and I know how the locals felt about what we were trying to do. We (the Americans and Iraqis) have a common goal. We both want the Iraqis to take control so we us to leave ASAP.

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