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08 available at MSRP Seattle area


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I responded to an Ebay auction from Sound Ford with an MSRP Offer. They said the car was sold (never took auction down) but would order one for me at MSRP.


Drove up the next day and gave them a 10K check. It was very unofficial and all they would give me was psudo window sticker.


I called once a week and asked for an official order confirmation. I have purchased 9 f-350s this way so I have an idea of what the process is.


They never gave me one. After 6 weeks, I located and bought another car. 2 weeks after it arrives, Sound Ford calls and says come pick up your car. I know I am not legally obliged, but I do feel guilty. BTW two days before I found my car, I called again to get an order confirmation or VIN. Told them I could wait 6 months if I had that in hand. Was told to be calm, i would get the "stang".


So, an all option (sans shaker 1000) alloy, stripe delete car is sitting there waiting to be picked up at MSRP. It is at Sound Ford in Renton Wa. Trent is the salesman. I have no vested interest.

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