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Where are all the buyers? Right here...


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Hi all,


I haven't posted much on this forum over the past few years. Suffice to say that I was starting rumours about a 2008 GT500KR before the first 2007 GT500s were announced, so I have been excited aout the whole prospect for some time. I was bugging everyone I could think of to push for a yellow option (to match my '68 GT500KR in "Special Order Yellow"), but unfortunately that part didn't pay off.


The excitement over the GT500KR has been brewing so long, that I think it has passed the boil now. You have to ake site's such as this, and eBay, with a grain of salt of course, but it is clear that the GT500KR is aimed at a different sort of buyer to the GT500.


I am reasonably sure that at least 90% of the GT500KR buyers are inernet-savvy, and that at least half of them will find this forum - as it looks to be one of the few "official" GT500KR discussion points on the net. Even if not, I am sure they are all watching eBay, where there are many GT500KR auctions, not attracting any attention whatsoever at $120k+. Now there are very few people that have so much money that they are willing to throw it away - and by this, I mean pay more for something than what they have to (as opposed to what they _should_! ;-> ). Andjust looking at te sentiment around here, I don't think that anyone is going to be too excited by paying over $100k for a GT500KR.


Bottom line, I think that Ford ate a big chunk out of the Dealer's ADMs. If the KR had come out with an MSRP closer to $60k, I still think the favoured few wold be willing to go to arond $100k for one - giving the dealer a huge $40k ADM. Now, with the retail at $80, Ford is cutting into that ADM in a big way - and good for them, I would rather the money go to Ford, who put all the effort into making the car, rather than a dealer that made no effort what-so-ever.


So, my prediction? The 500 or so GT500KR owners that read this site (at some time or another) will not be willing to go much over $100k for the car, if that. I think it will be a tough sell (tough buy?) to get dealers down below $20k ADM after all the dollar signs have been flashing in their eyes, but I think they will have to do it to shift all 1000 cars.


In my own personal news - I get to order a GT500KR today!!! No illusions mind you, the price is not yet fixed, so all I am getting is "first refusal" on the end result. Be that as it may, I will be picking my colour, selecting my options, and placing an order on a GT500KR that is *mine* (at least for now). :party:

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I wouldn't pay for a KR - even at MSRP. After just seeing one of our members new Super Snake vert, I am positive that not only is the Super Snake a better car, it is much more bang for the buck. And, there might even be less built which would make them rarer than a KR. For what you are paying, even at MSRP, I just don't see it as worth it.


Let's face it, money is tight these days. Two years ago, folks would have crawled all over themselves to take a loan against their house to get one. Now many unfortunate folks don't have any equity for such items. And with no guarantee that no further KR's won't be built, you are taking a big financial risk with the ADM's. I am finding it slightly amusing that virtually none are being bought on ebay. Just wait until 500 - 800 start flooding the market. Just my 2 cents.

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I think you guys are right. You have to have a lot of disposable cash/equity to fork over 120k to 140k on a KR. The stock markets been down for going on 5 months now and home equities have been dropping that long as well. Alot of us buying these cars are in our 40s and 50s (baby boomers) and worked hard to accumulate some wealth. The sad thing is you plop down 120k on a KR and you really can never drive the car. You start driving it and I think the value will drop quickly. I'm still looking for a GT500 at or below MSRP mainly because I want to tweak the performance and drive the car. I feel like that at 47k I can do that and enjoy the car and not let it collect dust in the garage. I'm happy for anyone who ends up with a KR I just can't fathom spending 120k for a car that started out as a 47k GT500. I still can't figure out were Ford came up with an 80K MSRP on the KR. The upgrades don't justify the additional money. You know we went through the same frenzy with the GT-H. I tried to bid on the first GT-H at the charity auction that went for 250k....didn't even get a chance to bid at that level. when they first hit the auctions they were 60k to 80k and within months in the 50s. I bought my GT-H in Sept 2007 and paid under 40k with low miles. I think the KRs will head this direction as well. Ford probably priced themselves out of the market on this one

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