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Shelby/Eibach suspension

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I've heard conflicting information on this situation. I have seen both. Some say the Eibach system has a diff stance on the car meaning a diff rake to the way the car sits. Supposedly a little higher than the FRPP system.


The Eibach pcs are nice but then again the FRPP stuff is very nice as well. I'm not sure on which way to go. FRPP has extensive testing on their systems... Because of that I will prob go with the FRPP system.


I don't see an issue of one system lasting longer than the other due to more adjustability. Many co's have successfully doen well for years with full coilover fully adjustable systems for a while now. :)














I heard Eibach are better and will last long that's what i was told. Can anyone shed some light on this....Which are better quality? Will the Eibach break down more faster cause they are adjustable? :headscratch::shrug:
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