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40th anniversary at Flames in Northridge 3/7


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Hi Kris,


As long as the weather is like today there will be a good turnout. There is a good mix, hotrods, muscle, and classics.

Sunday's are out because of church. That why cars and coffee in Irvine is better for me since it is on Saturday.


Hope to see you there!

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Hey southwest guys, if you would like to see the 605 hp convertible 40th Anniversary, I'll have it at Flames this Friday! 6-8:30pm

For directions here is the website. www.flamesbbqsmokehouse.com


See ya there....


Im glad i misunderstood the TOPIC. I thought that it was about a 40th that was burning on Northridge St. :hysterical2:

I dont think Im real smart sometimes!! :hysterical:

michael morris

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This was the first time I took the car out since I received it last week. (Came back with no fuel) Boy the car is great! I saw 2 other GT500's pass in the parking lot but I guess they didn't stop. Oh well maybe next time....


Kris, and his boys did make it and I hope they had a lot of fun. I know my youngest boy did when they showed up!

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Thanks Rick had a great time, and I do find that the kids have a better time looking at cars when theres other kids around.


I got a bit lucky and followed that Cobra out of the lot. I couldnt keep up with him though. ;)


We'll do it again soon.


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