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Battle of the Pork Chops: Camaro vs. Challenger


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For the record, I like both the Camaro (if we'll ever see one) and the Challenger. Here's the first comparo that I have read. It includes the Dodge Challenger and a phantom Camaro.





GT500: 3,896

Challenger: 4,140

Camaro: ??


if chevy avoids the gas guzzler tax on the camaro..ford needs to as well...i also wonder what affect the canadian dollar wil have on the camaro price (if any)...i still think oshawa will get the camaro..edmunds says australia which i believe is wrong..unless canadian exchange rate is not conducive for american market...just some thoughts

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Being a Camaro fan I'm excited about the new one GM is releasing. I do know they need a sportscar bad and do not know why they are dragging their feet though. As my friend says at the GM dealership in town, "we're getting our a$$'s handede to us in sportscar sales".

I won't be buying a first or second year car though.

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hehehehehe he said pork chops! I agree, to me both cars look like the shorter, fatter little sister version of the original. I vote Challenger, the camaro does little for me...

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Both cars are going to be a disappointment to the muscle car community compared to the Mustang. Ford got in there and built these cars early and now other muscle car makers are only going to be playing catch up.


What surprises me is they are still throwing money into racing and for what purpose? People who like racing want a muscle car right? Time for another car company to take a hit and now is the time for Ford to shine. Quit being a puss GM. Heck I I'm tired of all these weak Camaro SS's running around town trying to beat me at the stop light. I know I'm ready for some competition.


I particularly like this statement:


"It's not as quick as the Shelby GT500, but at a tick less than $40,000, the Challenger SRT8 will be considerably cheaper. (Photo courtesy of Chrysler LLC) "


Not as quick? HA...not even in the same hemisphere!

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