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New Dyno #'s


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I finally got to get my car back on the dyno at the Shelby Florida meet. Current mods include a Custom tune by Justin @ VMP Tuning and a JLT carbon fiber intake.


First run hit 520 RWHP & 495 RWTQ. I ran the fan & intercooler pump for about 5 minutes before the pull.


Second run hit 525 RWHP & 500 RWTQ. :happy feet: We took about a 30 minute break for lunch between pulls, and the fan ran about 10 minutes.


Stock numbers were 438 RWHP & 444 RWTQ (from last year's show). Picked up 87 RWHP and 56 RWTQ. Not too shabby for an intake & tune.


Video of 1st pull.



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Stage 2?

Just the stage 1 for now. I'm going to wait a while before going bigger. But when I do it'll be a new blower or turbos or something. I've got time to wait and see what comes down the line.

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