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2007 with battery holder post--corroded


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After washing my car a few days ago I,am wiping under the hood when I noticed by the battery the rod that holds the strap is corroded!! I rinse off some of the white corrosion and start to unscrew the rod so I could clean it better and the damn strap breaks.

I called the local Ford dealer and they stated no problem on replacing. Friends take a look

because this caught me off gaurd because I really never look at the plastic holder at the base of the battery.

On the new rod I will use the red corrosion spray!! BillyRay

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It would seem to me for anything to be corroded that the battery is leaking.

take it to the dealer to have them take a look.

If you see corrosion around the battery terminals than the battery is leaking so this seems to me to be the same.



I agree.

I pulled my battery and the battery tray completely out a month or so ago to install headers and everything was very clean, no corrosion at all.

I would have them check the battery very closely.

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You guys were right about a leaky battery!!!!!!!!! I pulled the battery out and it had a slight leak.

Whats your best tip on making sure I flush out all the corrosion and make sure no damage

from not cleaning up good enough.




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