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Pick up my 08 SGT tomorrow afternoon


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Well, due to a malfunctioning fax machine, it'll be tomorrow afternoon before I get to pick up my very first Shelby car. I've purchased a 2008 Shelby GT from Sewell Ford in Odessa, Texas, and got a pretty darn good price on it since it had been sitting on their floor since October of 2007! I'll have to sell the poor old 96 GT to make room in my garage for the new pony, but I can't wait to pick her up! I doubt I'll sleep at all tonight and won't be worth a darn at work tomorrow.


I'll post pics and CSM # as soon as I get all the pics uploaded...prob. Wednesday...I do know the CSM # is low like in the 250 range, but not sure exactly...didn't think to look at it again this afternoon when I went to drool on it a little more...


One question I do have and I hope you guys wouldn't mind giving me your opinion...Since this is my very first Shelby, should I put the GT 500 rear spoiler on the SGT or not? It just doesn't quite look right to me without a spoiler on her...but, if it'll lower her value down the road, I don't want to do that either. She'll be a driver, but low mileage probably as I work out of town a good bit...but I'm sure my lovely wife will keep her warm for me while I'm away :hysterical2:

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Don't do like I did and get a ticket on your first day to work with it!! LOL


I don't think the GT500 spoiler looks bad, but I've seen at least one I like better. The spoiler kind of wraps around on the top of the back fenders. Just personal pref.

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Yeah, agreed go with what you like as far as spoiler goes. Value? I wouldn't worry too much on that, it's going to be a awhile before your putting on a spoiler is going to make any difference in price, IMHO! I fear we'll all be long gone by then anyway.


I bought the spoiler as seen on the KR, Knight Rider, and umm..yeah the V6. LOL...notice the order I put them in.


I think it keeps the clean lines of the car, isn't as dramatic as the GT500 spoiler, yet ads something to balance the car.


It's only $119 already painted at the factory as a take off and available in Vista Blue ready to install! Best part is the holes are the same as the GT or GT500 spoiler so in all cases you can always just change your mind! Oh the standard GT spoiler is available painted at the factory too for I think $99.





Regardless have fun!



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