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Lead time on GT500 orders

Gun Oil

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All my dealer is willing to say at this point is 2 to 3 months..... :banghead:


What has been the real world order time delivered?


Thanks in advance....



It depends on when the dealer has the allocation. when they called me and told me to order the car it took about 2 months, but theres ALOT of varibles in this. is the plant working 2 shifts for 1. sorry i dont have a exact for you

michael morris

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It all comes down to when they get allocation to order one.


I can order you a 1000 GT500's right now. The lead time would be forever! Because we don't have any allocation to get any more.


If they have an allocation they may not know yet when they are getting it. Or they may know now and may be next month or whatever.


But from the time they get allocation and Ford schedules it to be built, usually about 4 - 8 weeks from the day it gets built is when you will get it.


So does the dealer know when they are scheduled to get their allocation yet?

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Mine was ordered on 18 Dec. 07, pulled for build on 17 Jan. 08, invoiced on 8 Feb. 08 (I think) and dealer told me Wed. night it was bucked with a delivery scheduled for 11 Mar. Good luck and look out for the PDSS!

ok it is sitting in Kansas as we speak :hysterical2:

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