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Anyone here in the norther part of VA?

Rieno, We,ve spoke before. I live in Manassas,Va. But I wanted to get it on record for the others in the northern Virginia area.

I own a 1966 Shelby GT350H # 1927

2006 Hertz GT-H #362

And Im' waiting for the completion of a 2008 Super Snake # 0003 Black/Black 725Hp (should be complete in a week or so) "Black Mamba"

I went out to Vegas a couple weeks ago and saw it in the upgrade shop.


Also have a friend who has 2008 Super Snake #0030 Vista Blue on order (He's from Northern Va. also)

I'm hoping to get some people together for a trip down to VIR on 31May. Just for the show and dinner


Oz Lamonds

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