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brake rotor rust

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I would have to dehumdify the state of Florida !! :hysterical2:


I can start to develop a slight orange tint while I am washing the car lol...but it quickly disappears :happy feet:




I came home from work with the car and washed it. I was only halfway through drying it off and I noticed the rotors were already rusted orange!

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If you are worried about the rust on the edge of the rotor I would suggest pulling the rotor off the car, scrub the rust off the edges, then use some rotor paint. Since I am pulling the rotors off the car to address the rust on the axle, I will be spraying mine this weekend. I am not worried about the rust that forms of the surface of the rotor since the pads will remove it when I hit the brakes. I just hate the fine line of rust on the edges.


Adam #3670

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