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Taking care of stripes?


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What are you guys using on your stripes to protect and preserve them? I've had some waxes put fine scratch marks in vinyl stripes before and don't want that to happen. But it would be a real PITA to have to wax around them every time I waxed the car.

I use Zaino Z2 and Z5, I apply it to the stripes. Others have used ICE and do the same.

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The vinyl stripe manufacturers don't have an issue with car wax, but it does nothing to protect the materal from UV ray damage which is the culprit that causes the stripes to loose their luster and become brittle over time. Both the manufacturers and installers recommend using either 303 Vinyl Protectant or Plexus Plastic cleaner/protectant to prevent UV damage to the stripes.


Link to 303 Protectant:



Link to Plexus:



I have used both of these products for many years now, and for what it's worth, I highly recommend giving them a try. But regardless of what you use, don't just rely on car wax to protect your stripes from UV fade over time.

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I've decided to use DriWash N Guard (www.driwashsolutions.com) on my car. It is safe for the stripes, and does offer UV protection. I used it on my previous black Shelby and it made the car look like glass. I may use the Plexus on the stripes, also.


If you've never tried DWNG, give it a try. It makes really quick work out of cleaning up a motorcycle, too.

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