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Hi Everyone, :happy feet:

I was goofing on the internet and checked out Sandiegoautoswap.com to see when the next show was going to be and there she was right in the middle of the event ad. It was kind of a cool suprise. I won th peoples choice award at there last show. Check it out at Sandiegoautoswap.com

Later Clink :headspin:

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Clink, I'm sorry but I didn't see your car. Where is it? All I see is a sweetie on a motorcycle, but nothing else.




Congrats my friend. Your car is awesome, in fact, your car makes that sweetie look even cuter.


I knew someone would say that, I think they should have photo shopped her picture sitting on the hood of my car :censored:

Hope all is good in your neck of the woods,

Take care


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