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Fidanza Driveshafts

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Hey guys-


I understand that Fidanza has tested and developed several one piece driveshafts with various HP ratings for the GT500. Has SAI looked at this or are they using a different vendor to reinvent the wheel or to improve on it???


Also- any breakthrough on exhaust.... a catback is very disappointing when you consider the potential of the blower and intake changes. We need full exhaust, especially since the system was priced with that.

Lastly- I got some scoop that Kenne Bell is launching an upgraded blower to replace the KB 2.8. I know some one who had a 2.8 failure at low miles, and some others fell short on boost. I had no problem on mine. If a new blower as launched will SAI use it instead? I will post this on the ask Amy section.

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