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Parts For Sale!!!!


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Hey Guys,

I am in the process of converting my GT into a GT500 clone, and during this process I am coming up with quite a collection of '07 GT parts that I would like to sell. They are all in good shape and in working condition. If interested in any of the parts feel free to leave me a PM and I will respond back within a day.


These parts include:

1. Passenger Headlight : $25

2. Passenger Parking Lamp : $15

3. Lower Grille : $25

4. Radiator Cover : $15

5. Rocker Panels (Side Skirts) : $75

6. Rear Bumper : $150

7. Spoiler : $75

8. Shift Knob (Satin Metal 5spd) : $15


* all prices do not include shipping and the exterior parts (ie. spoiler, rear bumper, and rocker panels) are painted black, so some prep and paint work may need to be done to color match.

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I am interested in the radiator cover and Satin shifter knob.


Are you willing to ship to Canada?


Please let me know.






Hey Sean,

I wish I could ship it to Canada, but I think the shipping would just be to outrageous. Also I am not sure what all is involved with the shipping process into Canada. I wish I could be more help.



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