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08SGT1375 finally home!


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Congrats! See you up at the Round-up in June. It's starting to look like we'll have quite a few cars in the 06-08 Shelby class! I just drove this home from Indiana Friday night-Saturday morning.




o she's so pretty! it was a 2007 GT-H vert #356 that got me craving a mustang again. what number do you have? and didn't those come with black wheels?

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Mine is number 102 for 2006. The 06's had the charcoal colored centers where the 07's had the black. This one has the silver, which the dealer put on. I guess the originals were pretty scratched up and they wanted this one for their showroom floor. So they put new wheels and tires on it. I have a set of the correct charcoal wheels. However I just ordered the black 20" Shelby Razors which I think should look pretty good. Now if it would just warm up so that we can go out an play! Spring will be soon!

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