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Is the 2009 Mustang now a 2010?

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Not sure if this has been posted but it's a need to see & read story from the "The Mustang news" website





Good find...


As long as any mustang that gets a 385-series motor has the motor mounts in the same spots as the 427 side-oilers of yore :) I'll be ecstatic. I can only imagine the drag cars that will come out of that combo! I might even start to watch the lower classes of NHRA again, and Ford back in Pro-stock would be such a kick again.

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I bet Clay Aiken will end up buying this "non-driveable, playdough" prototype. :happy feet:



If you look carefully, it's got IRS in that clay :hysterical: -- wish it had an IRS transaxle too -- need 50/50 WD! (clay looked nose heavy.. no, not him, the car!)


Yeah, maybe he'll go back to his 'Spanky' hairdoo with the cow-lick thingy on top like before he was "idol"ized. :hysterical:


<don't know why I said that, just felt good>



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