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How is everyone breaking their car in?

tiger mark2

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I have 300 miles on my car. I haven't redlined the car yet but I have gone up to 5000 RPM several times in 2nd and 3rd gear. As you know it is so tempting to want to stay on this baby.


My plan is to not drive it softly but keep the RPM's under 5000 until I hit 1000 miles. I plan an oil change at 1000 miles.


I haven't even come close to hole shot yet in fact I have'nt even removed the traction control The car has enough guts to make this sissy driving boring :bandance:


I know this is hard to believe but i haven't opened my owners manual yet. I am trying to receive a second set from the dealer first to keep mine in tact.


I ordered a car cover from Beverly Hills at $279. I did receive some advice on treating the brakes early on.


Any suggestions?

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