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blown heater hose

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:shift: heres the story- run the track whenever I get the chance - drag that is. At a 1000 ft mark the heater hose blew off and sprayed the track with anti-freeze and made a mess on the motor- safety team came over and saw what they thought was smoke coming from the engine and rushed the car with their fire extiguisher and I told them it smells like antfreeze so unless you see fire do not spray my engine compartment which they did not. It is the inlet hose the one with the metal 90 degree bend and it popped out. After the car cooled and we looked around we saw it was out of its hole and looked normal- as normal as a plastic pop in clip can look- so we pushed it back into its opening. It did come out on a test pull again by hand but the next time we pushed it in it clipped. Had a little up and down play but would not pull out by hand- filled the car back up with water and it stayed and did not overheat- drove the car home on its own and stopped once in a while to check hose and watched temp gauge - no problems- Went to the dealer who stated it was warranty but had to order the hose. We both thought it was maybe not seated correctly at the factory or had a faulty lock. HERES THE REAL CORKER- When the hose came in the tech looked at the fix book and it reads clear as can be the blower has to be removed to repace the hose- Now they have to order the gasket for the blower to put the hose on. Check your cars and see how close the hoses are to the engine and firewall-very close- I have the ray gun that gives temp degrees and it is the hottest point I can find in the cooling system. The gts go directly into the firewall and have a decent space between it and the engine. Tech checked bulletins and no reports of my problem however he made sure I could not see the screen. When your car is cool wiggle up and down to see if you have slack- I guess this fitting does have some slop but not a quarter inch. My guess when it gets replaced that there is a failure with the fitting. Sure miss hose clamps and they are using less and less of them all the time. Car was cooled before run and temp gauge normal- always check my gauges for problems. Mid 12 second car with a stage one tune and jlt air intake- strange but true- rs

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