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Questions for Team Shelby


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Are there going to be local or regional Team Shelby Clubs?

Should we start a local club ourselves?

How do we get affiliated with Team Shelby and the ability to use trademarks?

Should we wait for current SAAC regional groups to switch over? Is that happening?

Can you tell us which ones so we don't duplicate efforts?



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Yes, there will be Regional, we are working on the details, And I will have more info for you this week.







Remember this old retired Snake Eater as you think about the regions ... I'll throw my name in the hat!!!!!!!

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and what region is ole snake eater in??

is kansas the nether :hysterical2: region of the usa



"ole snake eater" in 'em Flint Hills, sonny .... we got paved winding roads that follow the creeks; not gravel square townships roads thru the wheatfields... and only a couple County Mounties and State Troopers!!!!!!!!!! :bowdown:

You young "whippersnappers" might be interested to know it's now possible for us to get on Heartland Track during the Flint Hill Fest ...just got the email... :drool::shift::speedie:

Check out the Flint Hills Fest forum!!

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