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Movie Casting Call in LA Area!!!


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I have copied this from SVT Performance.





I know this sounds gay but they are finally coming to their senses and want some American muscle. My buddy in Arizona (Car Domain Administrator/Co-Owner) gave me the heads up. The film casting element of the new project went straight to Car Domain for advertising efforts. I think it would be pretty pimp to see some our fellow SVTL, SVTC, SVTF brethren out there representing.




Project Name: Fast and Furious 4

Project Type: feature

End Date: Apr 21, 2008

Age From: 18-50

Age To: 18-55

Gender: male/female

Ethnicity Need: ALL

Union Station: SAG or NON UNION


More Info: We are looking for fun, cool cars. This will work in Los Angeles area, so you must live here, and starts filming end of Feb., Mar., and April. We are going to get everyone together in a couple of weeks to show of their cars. Please, help get the word out that we are looking for people with muscle, classics, imports and hot rods for the film. Some of the makes and models we are looking for... Ford Torino Subaru Chargers GTO Ford Mustang Shelby GT Hemi Challenger Import Racers Mazda RxS Nissan Skyline Chevelle Tricked out Excursions FUN AND FAST CARS. You can email mac.castingrk@gmail.com or regular mail... 6671 W. Sunset Blvd, suite 1597, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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You have the look and the wheels I originally wanted... Well done and a very beautiful ride. If you ever make it to Florida, please look me up for a photo shoot!!

Thank You.


I did get a call yesterday for an invite to the event tomorrow. I'll report tomorrow evening.

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Back home. The casting call was in a praking lot just inside one of the back gates at Universal Studios. There was a pretty crazy mix of different cars. I did park next to a last generation Mustang but it had glitter paint, 22" wheels with air schocks, a TV and the like. On the other side was a lime green 2000ish 4 door civic with lambo doors on the fron and suicide on the rear, see through hood and the such. There was plenty of show no go kind of cars. However, there some pretty impressive performance first cars. especially American. Vipers, Vettes and Mustangs. There was also some nice muscle cars, a couple of chargers, a kit Cobra, a couple of Camaros. Dale from Shelby brought the 67 and 07 Terlinguas down. There were even some raised trucks outfitted perfectly for tailgating. Several of the Mustangs that were there I had seen before at shows.


When I first drove through the gate, the check in guy was very impressed. A screen test crew walking around to cars here and there was also impressed with my Shelby GT/SC and did an interview. They didn't interview everybody. The director showed up and started touring the cars. He didn't stop at every car. He seemed to stop more at the show and no go cars. He looked alot at hydraulic cars, stereo systems and visually striking cars.


As he approached my spot, I noticed he was wearing a vintage Ford Cobra shirt. He spent a lot of time looking at the lime green civic. Even waiting about six tries to get it started and see its pneumatics. As he stopped in front of my car, he told his assistant type some things about the Civic. A money looking guy, maybe a producer, leaned toward him and said about My Shelby GT, "this is like the Mustang you have." The director said yeah and they moved onto the Mustang on the otherside of me.


So it appears bad for my oppurtunity to get My Shelby GT into the movie but maybe good for Shelby GTs in general if one is in the movie. Or at leas there is a Mustang in a feature roll of the movie. However, the last Fast & Furious movie I saw #2, they ran over the Mustang, a Saleen I think, with an 18 wheeler.

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