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How was everyones experience with there GT-H Salesman


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I think the biggest part for me was knowledge (or lack of) for the product. I asked about the MyColor controls on the Hertz while I was first sitting in the car at the dealers. Got nothing but blank looks.


No discussion of the warranty.


I will say this; at least they had the documentation packet. That was certainly a surprise.


Then comes the deal. It wasn't until I told him I had an '08 convertible (some of you may remember me as Eraynman) on order that he realized I was serious. Suddenly he dropped the $1500 difference we were haggling about.


By the way, I passed on the '08 when it arrived on Christmas Eve. I ordered it with an automatic. I figure the Hertz has more history, looks way better and will probably hold its value better.

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