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Rear view mirror removal


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I read about what a pain it is getting the rear view mirror off. Thought about taking car to dealer for install of mirror with Homelink and temp.


Bought this from Bill at Team Ford.

Mirrors, Electrochromic Compass w/Homelink®, w/Temp. Display

Part Number: 4L3Z-17700-B

MSRP: $425.00


It’s winter cant drive car my as well work on her.

I was just about to give up after 2 hours and buying a mirror removal tool from NAPA.

I noticed you need a block between the windshield and mirror clip.

Without the block the removal tool won’t push in the clip on the mirror.




I made a block of wood 1" wide x 3/16" thick x 8" long. I tapped (with plastic mallet and the block of wood) the mirror lightly from the top to get the clip away from the mounting block a little.




Took the block I made, slid it between mirror clip and windshield approx. 3/8" in.




Then inserted the removal tool. If it doesn't stay by itself it's not in far enough.




Tapped mirror mount from the bottom lightly (DID NOT HAVE TO HIT IT HARD) and the mirror came off.




Make sure you hold the wood and removal tool they will fall at some point.


These pic's are of the new mirror installed. I didn't take pic's of the removal didn't know if it was going to work or not.


Hope this helps someone.

Good luck.

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Cool, thanks!


I bought a mirror on Ebay with compass, temp, auto dimming and temp for 185 plus 28 shipping. I followed the pictures, but made my own mirror removal tool by taking a small metal putty knife and grinding two prongs just like the tool in the picture. Putty knife was two dollars. I used a paint stick (free), followed pictures and the mirror removal was accomplished. The new mirrow works great and I can put the garage remotes in a drawer instead of the visor or cup holder in the car. I can't figure out why this mirror wasn't offered as an option.....



Wiring and installation is not too bad if you follow the instructions. I found a great link showing the fuse block and where you can tap the wires in to the electrical system for a 06 and up Mustang. All models appear to be the same as his is a GT and mine is a GT500. The link really helped with wiring:




Anyway, the next project is to install an interior trunk release button. Any ideas or links for installing a switch in the glove box?

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