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Shelby GT People with MERGED USER NAMES


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We understand that a lot of people from the SAI forum merged with StangsUnleashed into Team Shelby and might have two user names. If you want the x_merged account gone, here's what we can do.



There are two "Jewish Santa" accounts.

1) Jewish Santa

2) Jewish Santa_merged


We can delete one of the two accounts and keep the one with the most posts and eliminate the "_merged" from it.


PM me if you want this done. It might take a few days though.

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Mine made it...but there were less than 400. I feel like such a failure in the presence of such (post whoring) greatness... :cry:


So now that we have this great new site with all the merged posts, what happens when we want to search for an old technical discussion? Which forum should we search? What if we don't know? What if it takes too long? What if we don't find it? What if we post a message looking for assistance and it gets moved and no one ever sees it? What if we get lost and can't find our way out? What if no one finds us? What if we DIE here??? :hysterical2:


Seriously, it's good to be back...

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Ok, AFBLUE (stangsunleashed username) is now AFBLUE2,


and AFBLUE_merged (Shelbyautos AFBLUE) is now AFBLUE on here.


Clear as mud?


I will rarely if ever check messages to AFBLUE2 so message me via AFBLUE.


Also post count is now correct for AFBLUE. Just need to update my avatar etc.


One more request if it's possible. Can you reverse my member #s and join dates so that my earlier ones (3308 and 29 March 06) are reflected in this account?



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