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# 1335 arrived last thursday...

´08/SGT Dude

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Hi Folks,


at first I like to introduce myself. I´m Benny a 25 years old german who lives in Alamogordo, NM. I´m stationed with the German Air Force on Holloman AFB. So I´m sorry but my english is not that good :(


After I drove the ´07 SGT of a friend of mine last year I decided that I need to get one too. I´de like to get the ´08 model than the color looks awesome.

I tried to order one in September last year, but the dealer told me that the order books were closed. Then I found some SGT´s on the Internet but they´ve been far away.

So I called another dealer and he said that they ordered on for their showroom. After I met him and talked to him I paid a deposit, so that the car is reserved on my name.

The next thing I heard was, that the car arrived SAI at the 12th of November. Last wednesday I received a call from my dealer and he said that he got the car. On thursday my girlfriend and I went to see it.

I was so excited when we arrived the dealer, my entire body was shaking. We made a short testdrive and I was thrilled. After we did all the paperwork my dream came true, I own a Shelby :rolleyes:

I guess this was the most exciting way home that I ever had. I couldn´t believe that I´m sitting in this car and it´s mine. It is just awesome. I love it :)

Yeah well enough words, here are the pics...




Can someone tell me, how i can add more pics? :unsure:

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