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Birthday Bash Album


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Awesome photos - thanks for posting. Was that a black stripe on black Super Snake in the Shelby garage?







That was the first production KR500 given to Carroll Shelby as his birthday present from Ford. It is black on black with a flat black stripe package. The photo's don't do it justice. It is awesome.


Nice pics Roger. Thanks for sharing.


The headrests and console cover look great. Did you have them custom made?



Thanks, yes they were custom done. I removed my headrest skins and console cover along with the shift boot. PM me if you are interested in having some done.


Those are sweet! B)

Do they come in other colors? (link)




Dan, anything is possible. They were custom done in Texas. Great guy and he will work with you on colors and logo's etc. He does not advertise it is strickly word of mouth. PM me and I will forward.

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