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Unique in the world 1967 Shelby GT500 SuperSnake SALE by 3 million dollars

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Hello my Americans friend from Russia


Unique in the world 1967 Shelby GT500 SuperSnake SALE by 3 million dollars



Many mistakenly think that the famous 500 - strong buy Shelby Mustang Super Snake 1967, looks like "Eleanor" from the movie "Ugnat in 60 seconds" with Nicolas Cage. In fact, the only copy of "Super Snake" Carroll Shelby built in 1967 and looks like all Shelby GT500 of the period. Similar to GT500E from Hollywood blockbuster car, painted in red and a big humpback schegolyayuschy hood - a modern interpretation of the same, like Eleanor itself, which was created only in 2000. Real GT500 Super Snake painted white and has blue reysingovye strips.



Shelby is not for nothing called the car "Super Snake" because it is nearly 170 horsepower GT500 stronger base at the time. In 1967 sewage Shelby GT500 installed 428 blocks volume of 7 liters and 355 hp capacity, and the GT500 Super Snake under the hood stood 7 aluminum - 427 litre unit, which developed the real power in the 520 - forces. Similar engines were on the Ford GT40, just as they have won in Le Mans.



The machine lit in many magazines and transfers, including in the documentary, where Carroll Shedbi til circles on the test track and Goodyear broke "snake" to 227 kilometers per hour (142 miles per hour). GT500 Super Snake is listed in a single register Shelby American World Registry. U Shelby and Ford was an idea to build 50 of these 520 - powerful cars at the price of 7500 dollars. No draft wrapped, considering the price too high for the time.



In 60's was built only three vehicles, which are sub-heading "Super Snake". Two of them were rodsterami Cobra SuperSnakes, one of which broke, and the other recently sold for 5500000 dollars. Third "snake" is precisely this Shelby GT500 SuperSnake are willing to sell without any bidding for three million dollars.



via http://www.mcar.ru


FOTOS -> http://www.mcar.ru/news/news-131-1967-Shel...-3-000-000.html

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