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Meguiars Detail Day!!!!


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Hey guys, sorry for the short notice on this but I think some of you are as passionate about taking care of your cars as I am. No matter what badging they have they are an expression of ourselves. I need your help to fill a free detail day. I scheduled a Detail Day at Meguiars in Irvine on the 19th of Jan. It was originally for the Black Mustang Club but it has recently been opened up to everyone because the class did not fill up. If you guys are interested in joining some of the BMC members and other So Cal Mustang clubs to attend this one, you will need to sign up for the Meguiars forum. Then reply to the post with your real name and Meguiars forum screen name. Mike Phillips will add you to the list. It will be a great day for those with dark colored vehicles.....learning from the pros! There is a link to the signup thread that describes what you need to do to be put on the list and what to expect at the class. I would love to have as many Mustangs there as possible. Thanks guys.


BTW: This is a free event as long as you register on their forum!!!






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