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GT H conv rental

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I'm sure you've all heard the same story before. I was lucky enough to go to FL over Xmas and rented a GT-H conv for th week. #237. It was from Orlando and man did they have some serious stock of GT-H conv.s there. I saw at least 10 at the rental office.

The trip was blast and it was cool to be in a Mustang (I own a 06 GT conv at home). My 4 year old son loved it as well. It was warm the week I was there so we did lots of top down driving and it was all a blast. I'll see if I can attach some images.


BTW... these cars do some nice burn outs even without being able to turn off the traction control. My 06 is a 5 speed an it was a surprise that the automatic would do that with ease.


So after falling for the GT-H I'm off to NC next weekend to attempt to buy one.

Anyone want to my a mint condition 06 Black GT conv. with 10K miles! :D

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