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Birthday Plaque and Charity Contributions Update


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Just wanted to let everyone know that is part of this that all the money has been received as promised.

The plaque came out great and I feel strongly that all of you will be proud of it and of being a part of this.

Pictures of the plaque will be posted AFTER I return from the weekend bday bash and I will have a copy to mail anyone who so wishes.

The contributions for the charity now exceed $2000, the final number is not set yet as I have solicited my employer to contribute and while they have agreed to do so, the amount of their contribution is as of yet not known. Also additional people who got in late are promising to seek my out in LA/LV to add their checks.


I say it is not a bad total considering no one got a CS signature in exchange for their check.


A hearty thank you to everyone who helped make this idea a reality. Without all of you, this idea would have stayed just that, I thank you all.

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