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GT500KR pricing in Australia


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You guys think your getting the short straw on the GT500KR in the US, what about us here in Australia.


I live in Sydney Australia & have been fishing around for pricing, there is a dealership here asking $530,000 AUS which is $465,000 US!! Absolutely ridiculous!!


If you dont believe me the link is below:






I found another dealer offering the GT500KR for $240,000 AUS which is about $210,000 US. This is the cheapest i could find it.


I wish i could get one for $100,000 US that would only mean i would pay about $115,000 AUS.


These dealers do have to pay Australian duty taxes & shipping costs when they import them from the States & costs them about $30,000 AUS to convert them from LHD to RHD but even with these charges they are grossly over priced.


I know exactly what you guys are going on about in relation to pricing.


There is only one word to describe the situation - Profiteering! 'one who makes excessive profits on goods in short supply'.

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