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Will a 1 1/2 ton jack work on our cars??????????


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The Torin Jack and stands below is from Northern Tools, Home Depot has the same one they brought in for Christmas and it is marked down to $99 for the jack and the stands, great deal. I did not pick one up because I do not know if it will work on our cars. Does anyone have a 1 1/2 ton and does it work on our cars?





Torin Aluminum Jack with 3-Ton Jack Stands — 1 1/2-Ton, Model# T81109

Jack (Item# 144440) is paired with two 3-ton jack stands (Item# 144441) for a combination that gives you a quality package at a great value.




Overall Rating 4.8 / 5


10 of 10 would recommend this product to a friend.

See all reviews below Write a review




Item# 144442


Only $199.99

Guaranteed Lowest Price








In Stock

Ship Wt. 59.0 lbs

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Yes, it works fine. Gets the car off the ground and holds it there. 1.5 tons is 3000 pounds so it is not overloaded at all when picking up even the full side of the car. I have always used the big, heavy, 3-ton jacks up until the Shelby so I understand your concern. These new, low profile, jacks seem downright fragile compared to the monsters we have used in the past. They are not. Jim

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Get your jack at Costco FTW its beautiful aluminum with chrome trim 3 ton and a 3" front height for $139.00 its one of the nicest jacks I've ever seen.


How about that...We agree on something.


At my FLAPS, I found a AC/Delco kit very similar to what is mentioned here. Two 2 ton jack stands, a padded creeper, a shop stool with wheels, adjustable seat height, and tool tray, and a light weight aluminum 1.5 ton racing jack (with a 3" roller tongue and low profile lift pad, weighs 34 pounds) that fits under an SGT.


Got it all for 139.99, plus tax.


My next purcase will be something like this...



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