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"At 84, Legendary Carroll Shelby keeps the pedal


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And Carroll Shelby is still refitting Mustang convertibles and coupes to produce distinctive vehicles that bear his name. You can see the latest in showrooms as soon as Shelby's Las Vegas production facility puts the finishing touches on the Shelby GT. The 2,300 cars are going to sell for about $45,000 each, but the price may rise because demand is so great.


"It's a <bleep> good car -- the best car out there for the money right now," Shelby said. In his mind, though, it's not perfect, with just 340 horsepower


Huh? $45K? 340 hp?

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"Result: The first Shelby GT Mustang. Ford released it in mid-1965 and sold 500 or so, and buyers were delighted"


- I thought the first shelby gt is in 2007. Did they meant shelby gt-h?


The first Shelby Mustang was the 1965 GT 350 and was produced in very limited #'s , 500 or so.

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QUOTE(mywickedshelby @ Jan 2 2008, 12:48 PM)




Pretty cool he rates the Shelby GT as "The best car out there for the money".


He might be a little biased.... What the heck, I am too! B)



I'm sure he's biased but then again he is involved with a lot of cars and our GT is the one he singled out. :)

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