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Mod shop heavy SGT on ebay


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That Car is just BadA$$ but is it worth $50 Grand would be nice if it was a Stick.


Yes it's SWA737's car. Communicated with him last week when I saw it on E-bay. I'll leave it up to Greg to say why he may sell it. As equipped it is over 50K. As Jeff said the car is worth what somebody is willing to pay for it.

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I think it's worth 50K but no more than that. But then again a car is worth what ever the other person is willing to pay for it! :)



Agreed, I paid $500 over MSRP when I ordered mine and with TTL I have about $46K into mine (see my Mods in my signature) without the brakes, wheels and SC this car has, I think $50K - $55K would be about right.


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