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KR upgrades/options


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A question for any in the know or Amy. What options will be available for the KR?

Will there be an option to upgrade the KR 540HP package to the SuperSnake 600HP engine/package? Not interested in the SS badging, just the power/performance. What would the price for that option be?


Also, when do you believe Ford will allow their dealers to start writing actual orders and not just taking deposits to hold the vehicle.

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11/30/07 Update from SAI

King Of The Road


The King of the Road will be hitting the streets in Spring 08. All of the allocations were (will be) awarded through a lottery put on by Ford. Contact your local dealer for details on how to get your hands on one of these Kings.


The King will be offered in 3 color combinations: Vapor with Blue Stripes, Vista Blue with Silver Stripes and Black with Black stripes. This 540HP monster will bolster Ford Racing Suspension, Exclusive 18" tires and wheels, and a King of the Road Hood with the distinct look that the Shelby's carried in the late 60's. The interior will have exclusive badging and embroidered headrests. The 540HP will be attained by a cold air intake and Shelby tune.


The King of the Road will begin it's life in a very similar to how the Shelby GT does. Ford will build the GT500 at it's plant in Flatrock, Michigan. Any options such as halogen headlights, navigation, Shaker 500 or 1000 stereos and interior options can be added while ordering your KR through your dealer. It will then be shipped to our Las Vegas facility to be upfitted to "the King". While your vehicle is in Las Vegas, you can take advantage of our Museum Delivery Program to pick up your car RIGHT HERE AT SHELBY WORLD HEADQUARTERS! Contact Adrienne Poplin for details. AdrienneP@shelbyautos.com


But before you make arrangements to pick your car up here, be sure to browse www.ShelbyPerformanceParts.com to see if there is anything else we can add for you while your car is being upfitted.


1)The balance of the KR allocations will be some time after Mr.Shelby's Birthday (1/11/08) when Ford roll's out the first production KR

2)I'd go with 20" Alcoa wheels and the FRPP blower (All Ford/SHELBY)

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