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For those of you going to vegas


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For those of you going to vegas, and want to stay an additional night at the Wynn, I found a promotional code online that you use directly at their site and it gets you the room for 159.00 instead of their regular price of 299.00.


Go to this link :




Click on the promotional code link tag, and it will take you to the Wynn's web site reservation system. At the bottom of the page, click the link for "promotional codes" . then paste in the code that is listed on the first link . It then changes the pricing of the room and you can continue on making the reservation. Just be careful your check in check out dates are correct. Only book it for your "extra " nights..don't include the nights that ocme with your package.


I also put a comment in the box letting them know I was already there for 2 nights as part of the Team Shelby group, but wanted to book the additional night.


I got the confirmation from the Wynn immediately . If you need help with it, pm me and I will give you my phone number.


I am usually leary booking something like this online, but it's all done through Wynn's official web site. I did call the wynn yesterday, and the reservation guy told me if i searched around I could find a promotional code..and i did !


Good luck !!


Also....this code is only good for Sun -Thurs night stay



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