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Call Sdear on her cell phone immediately!!!


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haha..Ralph isn't even with us tonight !


We went to hard rock tonight....won 840.00 !!!


Vegas here i come !! :lol:


That's awesome Sue, congrats.


What were you playing when you won?


Every time I go to Vegas, I win a couple hundred playing poker. I will definitely find a little time between the activities to make a little in January. Good thing I get there early.


Rich, I was waiting for you to list her number. Had you, I fully expected that instead the phone number would have been to some sort of joke number such as to a $ex hotline, live radio station, local police station or a crack house. LOL

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LOL Adam ! He is lucky he DIDNT post my cell number lol.


I was playing video poker..dollar machines.


I had hit 300.00 on some goofy quarter machine earlier in the evening..have no clue what I hit to win....but I handed that money over to Rich to hold onto.


Then I went to the video dollar machines..hit 4 aces on bonus poker ( 400.00 ) then hit a straight flush for 250.00. Donated some of it back and left with 840.0 !! yahooooo !


I hope the luck stays with me in Vegas....I usually do well there. I dont like to play at the "big" casinos...my favs are Barbery Coast and Flamingo. I have taken alot of money out of those places in the past .


It's unusual to win at Hard Rock for me...that place usually doesn't give any up...but tonight it did !! :D

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